2019 Is My Jesus Year


Celebrating a birthday is something we cherish in our day and age. You’ve gained another year of experiences, lessons, heartache, and progress. It’s human nature for many of us to look back after our birthdays and measure the growth we’ve made in the last year and evaluate what we want to change for the next year.

As I look back at my thirty second year on earth I hesitate to deeply analyze the last year as it was a year of personal growth, pain, and journeys. While I could pat myself on the back for my accomplishments, I could also beat myself up for my pitfalls and health issues. Through the last year I treasure my continued faith walk and how God has shaped me during my weaknesses.

As i look ahead to my thirty third year on earth I realize that I’m in my ‘Jesus Year’. Jesus was thirty three years old when he was crucified for the sin of man, and he did mighty works while he walked the earth. While I’ll never live up to Jesus’s greatness while on earth (no one can), it’s humbling to make comparisons between what Jesus did during his last year on earth and what I may be able to do during the next year.

In my Jesus Year I intend to continually measure myself against Jesus. I have no confidence I’ll ever match Jesus’s grace, love, or mercy in my lifetime or my Jesus Year, but I have hope. I have hope that continuing to compare myself to Jesus will remind me of how far short I fall of his example and help me to regularly live by his standard.


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