Are You Lifting Up Others?


As Easter approaches I feel driven to write this blog post. While not all who read this post may be religious, I believe that most or all of the readers would agree they have goodness inside of them. People like to be helped by others, and also get a warm, tingly feeling when they help others in need.

So now I want to ask you a question, When was the last time you lifted someone else up at work?

Maybe you’ll thinking, “Hey, I’m an individual contributor and if anything, someone should be helping me out!” Or you possibly thought, “I wish I had the time to lift others up, but I’m too busy doing my job.”

But what if you stopped and thought about my question on the drive home from work? Or thought about it in the bathroom at work instead of hiding in there reading Facebook on your phone?!?!

Everyone from the CEO to the janitor needs/wants to be lifted up by others from time to time. Imagine how much better our workplaces could be if we focused for just a few minutes a day on uplifting others instead of sprinting all day through our jobs? Would it make our workplace culture better? Would it encourage the loaners to open up more? Would it encourage our top performers to stay with us longer? Would it make us vulnerable to our peers and foster deeper relationships?


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