Do Our Personalities Jive?


I’ll admit it, I’m a personality test junkie! As a leader who forges ahead in my job and life I find it important to know as much as I can about processes and habits that can make me successful. One great way to be successful is knowing how I can best interact with others.

Have you ever wondered how you could get more out of your peers or employees? Curious why you and your spouse differ on things that boggle your mind? Ever think about how you could get more done as a group if you understood how people will behave in a group setting?

While it’s not possible to get a step by step playbook on how to handle the above situations, I believe with personality tests one can better the odds of having successful experiences. Below I’ll share a few different personality tests with my experiences with them, and a copy of my results.


The DISC profile is a good system to determine people’s personalities so that you know how to better deal with them in the scenarios that matter to you. I was first introduced to the DISC profile while going through the Sandler Sales training. There are four main areas on emphasis that people may exhibit. Learning about your DISC profile, what it means, and how different business types are usually scored can help you know how to navigate different personalities form yourself. For example, when trying to sell your services to another business you may come different types of buyers, and knowing how to determine quickly their DISC profile can help you know how to interact with them to better communicate to their preferences.

Josh’s DISC Profile

Predictive Index

The Predictive Index is a good test that is focused on an individual. You get good things from the test about the type of work environment a person would thrive in, how the person would manger others, and how to best manage the person taking the test. I’ve used the Predictive Index when I owed my IT company, as it helped me know how to best utilize my employees’ talent and the best ways to manage them.

Josh’s Predictive Index

Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs is a test comprised of 16 different personality types. It focuses on preferences of the person taking the test. Do you side more with extroversion or introversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. I’ve been using the Myers Briggs recently at work as we try to understand how others in our groups and teams function so that we can function better together.

Josh’s Myers Briggs

Strengths Finder

The Strengths Finder is a test that shows the strengths of the test taker. The strengths are defined as 34 different strengths that people may possess. I was exposed to this during my time in the Leadership Kokomo program. We used the test to find out the strengths of those in our class and was useful and helping us self form into teams with those that had skills that complimented each other. It is valuable to learn what your strengths are so that you can focus on utilizing your strengths in your career instead of trying to fix your weaknesses (Note, it’s not bad to work on weaknesses, but focusing on growing your top strengths is shown to produce more personal growth and better ROI in the business world).

Josh’s Strengths Finder

In summary, there are many personality types available today, each with it’s own focus. I’d encourage you to find a test that assists with an area of difficulty you expereince today.

Steps to Take

  • Take the time to learn how the personality test works
  • Understand how the test can assist with a difficulty you’re expereincing
  • Educate others around you of the test’s purpose, and how it can help everyone
  • Test yourself and others
  • Share the results as a group

Once everyone understands the results of the tests, everyone can move forward towards better understanding and communication in your work or personal environments.


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