Finish The Year Strong


I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for end of year donations so that organizations can finish strong in 2018. It made me start thinking about all the people/groups that need to finish strong at the end of each year:

  • Nonprofits with donations
  • Salespeople and others on commission plans
  • Those working over-time to pay off their Christmas debt
  • Businesses that close their books at the end of December
  • Pastors that are trying to reach visitors during the Christmas season

Thinking about people who need to finish strong to end the year put me in a reflective mood. “How did my 2018 go?” “How can I finish strong to end the year?” “How can I set myself up for success going into 2019?”

As I get ready to end 2018 I’ve decided to finish reading 3 books, read a magazine I got in the mail last week, and hopefully launch a new website I’ve been working on. If you’re interested in what I’m reading to prep for 2019, here’s links:

The website isn’t live yet, but here’s what I’ll be working on for 2019:

I hope by finishing up my reading and launching the website I’ll finish 2018 strong and be prepared to make 2019 a good year for my personal growth by reading 52 or more books (one a week), growing others through the website, and blogging more on this site.


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