God Used a Doodle


God used a doodle, a pretty dog I admired and dreamt of. God used a doodle, part friend and part poodle.

I had forgotten how to love people. I was depressed, felt unloved at home, didn’t know how to be with friends and care.

I was hurting inside. I didn’t want to admit it, but I knew she was cheating. I had evidence, but believed the lies, not wanting to face the truth that I was nothing to her.

So ingrained was my desire for this dog that I bulldozed every objection possible to getting him. I felt this overwhelming need to find him and make him mine.

He was cute and cuddly, but he pee’d everywhere! Was he a mistake?

He ate tv remotes like they were snacks, maybe my judgement was lacking.

He licked me all the time. How disgusting, he’s got to go!

But then the medical issues happened. My body was freaking out and he started pulling the blanket off me, barking for help and laying on me concerned.

As i recovered he wanted to be by me at all times, making sure I was ok.

He’d walk up to me as I was sitting down, forcing his head under my hand so I’d pet him.

Then years later D Day came, and she moved out. I was broken and cried out to God. What do I do? I’m so lost.

I struggled to understand how to move forward, but Bernard was there to nudge me forward. The answer to prayer was in front of me the whole time.

God used this handsome bernadoodle to keep me company, to protect the house and show me how to love again.

I know my time with him will be short, but I cherish this doodle. He gives me the unconditional love I craved for years.

God answered my prayer with a doodle, showing me I deserve unending love everyday no matter how bad of a day I have.

This doodle’s mom was a poodle, but he’s the whole kit and caboodle.


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