I Figured Out My Personal Growth Process!


I finally did it, I figured out my Growth Process and why I have ups and downs when it comes to personal growth! I was reading The Decision Book, an admittedly nerdy book that discusses 50 different models for strategic thinking (a lot of graphs and theory). One of the models I came across was The Flow Model.

The Flow Model.

In a nutshell The Flow Model describes how a person wants to be happy (don’t we all), and how if we are aren’t challenged then it can lead to Boreout (getting so bored you check out). If you’re challenged too long/much you can suffer from Burnout. Everyone has heard of Burnout, but Boreout really resonated with me for a few different reasons.

When it comes to work I want to be continually challenged, which is typically for many experienced business owners like myself (winning at work is in my blood). While it’s healthy to want to work hard and succeed in my career, it becomes a challenge in itself to be challenged continually in a corporate role for people like me. I was doing some reflecting this weekend and realized my bosses haven’t had to micromanage me or worry about my performance as much as others in the organizations I’ve been in. While this is great that I can be trusted to get the job done, it usually means my development and growth is left up to me, as my boss is usually busy developing other people who ‘need it more’.

So where does that leave me? I’m not mad that I get less development coaching than others, but I have to be very intentional around my personal growth, because no one else will prioritize it for me. In my lazy movements I sometimes dream about coasting for a few weeks at a time, as no one would notice I’m not growing as long as I keep my good performance image up, but that just isn’t me. I NEED challenges to be happy, per The Flow Model as I’ve recently discovered. It’s refreshing to have a model that I can reference to explain to people where I need guidance and why I feel the way I do when it comes to my professional development.


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