I Had My Quarter Life Crisis


Are you in your late twenties to early thirties? Have you had what feels like a mid-life crisis? Now don’t freak, I’m not hoping 25 year olds die when they are 50! But if you’re in that age range, have you expereinced a crazy time in your life already that feels impossible to get through work wise, not sure what you’re doing in your personal life is going anywhere, or feeling lost about finances?

According to an Inc. article, “75 percent of 25-33 year olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis”, described as “a period of insecurity and doubt that many people in their mid 20s to early 30s go through surrounding their career, relationships, and finances.”

I feel sad for people in this age range as regret, fear, and feeling overburdened can run rampant. As one of the older millennials in this age range I felt this happen to myself about 3 years ago. My business was doing ok but not great, I was burnt out and missing family time, and I just felt lost overall. It wasn’t a fun feeling and I started questioning if I was doing everything wrong.

I’m curious has anyone else felt this way? How did you handle it? Did you do a 180 like me and completely change your working environment all together? Did you find a different employer, mentor, or coach? Are you still in a rut feeling the pain?





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