I Need Help Finding That Widget


I have a confession, I’m a lousy shopper.I don’t memorize where every item in the store is, I hate navigating around other people when I’m lost looking for something, and I usually caffeinate myself before I go and literally power walk the whole way through the store, drifting my cart around corners trying to get out of there as quickly as possible!

Obviously I suffer from severe first world problems, but they are problems nonetheless to solve. So you can imagine my delight when I saw last week that Lowe’s is piloting a VR app to make it simple to navigate through their stores and find exactly what one is looking for. This is AMAZING! No more hunting down sales associates to find something, running around pissed off looking for an item they just moved yesterday, or finding out that an item that is usually stocked is sold out after an hour of looking for it.

This app looks pretty sweet, and I’m hoping that it catches on and that other stores adopt it. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your favorite stores utilize an app to guide you to where the items are you’re looking for?!? This could be a huge time saver and encourage more people to shop in these stores. Since I hate crowds and finding hard to find items I’d even be willing to pay a few dollars more per trip to use such an app if it sped up my shopping.

Who knows, maybe this concept will pickup steam. Or even better, maybe stores will jump on an online ordering and home delivery service like Meijer. That is an even better idea then having to be guided through a store!


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