Life Isn’t That Bad


#NewYearNewYou – Let’s make an effort this year to focus on the positive in life, instead of all the negative.

If you’re reading this post I implore you to find ways to disengage from traditional media and Social Media from time to time and realize how good your life really is. I know, I know, bad things happen to everyone in life, but can we all just unplug for a bit and realize the blessings we have in life?

Don’t fear, the bad people, horrible events, and sad news will always be available if/when you return to watching the news or start following people again on Social Media!

Just think, instead of comparing yourself to others on Social Media you enjoyed your life. If bad things happen in your life, deal with them. Instead of reading/watching the same sad news stories, imagine having fun in your life and realizing most of the news doesn’t affect your day to day much anyway.

Do you really fear missing out on all the bad things you’ll miss by not following the news? Why do you want to follow the news so that they can ‘pee in your cereal’ and put you in a bad mood? #IChooseToEnjoyLife What about you?


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