Make Getting Lucky Easier


A lot of people like to complain that a small group of people always seem to be lucky. That a certain type of person always gets lucky and wins the lottery. Bill at work is always lucky, getting the fun projects. My friend Suzzie is always winning free stuff online. It’s true that sometimes just being in the right place at the right time can make you lucky from time to time. But what I want to share today is more of how to build a system into your life to actually be lucky on a consistent basis.

I can already feel the eye rolls and yeah rights being thrown out, but I promise there is a way to get lucky more often, without me selling you a book for $29.99 to read. Some people believe (because they make it happen) that luck can be engineered to happen if you do it right. Take for example a salesperson who sells knifes. Anyone can buy knifes online, in a store, borrow them, or already has some in their kitchen. The salesperson might be sad because it’s so hard to sell knifes and make a living for themselves, feeling very lucky when they do actually make a sale. Hey, it’s hard to sell knifes so all I really have is luck on my side to sell these, right?

What if all this salesperson did was change their thinking to how luck should work. Instead of accidentally being in the right place at the right time to get lucky selling a knife, they commit to thinking that luck is earned? How could that be possible? For this to work we need to change our expectation of luck. Right now our knife salesperson is treating luck like something that is gifted down by God, for no consistent reason. Maybe our salesperson had good karma that day, met the person that was destined to buy a knife, or simply stumbled into a situation that lent itself to someone needing a knife right then and there.

Let’s change our thinking instead to luck being something good. Getting lucky doesn’t mean stumbling into a situation, but it’s a good thing that happens to you. I got lucky my car tires didn’t go flat today, not because I’m in a good karma spot in my life, but because I drove around the potholes and nails in the road that could have caused a tire to blow out. I got lucky today making a knife sale, because I followed my system of calling 20 people a day to see if they wanted to buy a knife. I know that my normal odds are 1 in 20 someone will buy a knife when I call, so I discipline myself to follow my system to get lucky.

Can you commit to changing your attitude about getting lucky in life? If you change your definition of lucky and understand you need to follow certain patterns of behavior to get lucky then you’ll see that you get luckier each day. What are three things you really need to get lucky with in the next 30 days? List them out, then for item think through what repeated behavior, change in attitude, change in appearance, process, grit, saving of money, spending of money, smiling at people, etc will make you lucky enough to achieve this thing. It’s amazing when you just change your pattern of thinking how lucky you can make yourself.


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