Religion at the Polling Place


I added another first to my life list this past weekend as I participated in the local primary elections by being an Inspector. It was interesting to see firsthand how local voting really happens. In Howard County, Indiana we had around five early voting locations for our Primaries this year. It was required to have two Democrats and two Republicans serve at each location to ensure fairness of the voting process.

For those that don’t know how it works (I didn’t until I participated) you have two poll clerks (one Republican and one Democrat) that check people’s id’s that want to vote and provide the Republican or Democrat primary ballot. There is also a Judge and Inspector that in a nutshell can assist with voting issues, ensure the polling location is running correctly, and open and close the polls. There has to be a Republican and Democrat between those two roles, again to ensure fairness in the voting process.

In our highly politicalized world it was refreshing to observe that regardless of the party affiliation of the four people running the polling place we were all able to have discussions about community issues, different life experiences, and God.

I thought assisting with the voting process would be a good way to learn more about our right to vote and the background on how it happens. Once I was involved I did get to learn all about the process and how it functions, but God revealed more to my heart than that. Both sides of the political parties are passionate about issues and opportunities that shape our world, and while we may disagree on the best ways to solve problems and encourage growth in our community God is the one truth we all can agree on.

On this Primary Election Day my prayer is that regardless of what party, candidate, or issue you strongly believe in that you consider what your Heavenly Father asks of you not only in how you vote, but also in how you treat people in favor of your thoughts or against. Voting for our representatives is a very special right we have in this country and I pray that we as a people respect and cherish EVERYONE’s vote to better their communities regardless of the party they affiliate with.


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