Review: Everybody Always


Everybody Always is another engaging read from Bob Goff. I believe this book far exceeds Bob’s earlier writing of Love Does, using personal stories that anger the reader when learning of Bob’s unfortunate vandalism of his rental car and loss of property, to thoroughly rooting for a former witch doctor.

I feel that learned a lot about Bob from this book, both from a personal side with his great stories of being there for his sick neighbor and serving her well, and learning about his service to Uganda. It’s amazing to me that with all the travel and items on Bob’s itinerary he still put’s his phone number in the back of this book for anyone to call him.

I believe that if you read Everybody Always you’ll be half tempted to call Bob after you finish the book and thank him for putting into writing his memories, Go focused thoughts, and encouragement. The world could use more Bob Goff’s and my prayer is that you’ll read this fine publication and think about how you can encourage others each day.


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