Review: Love Does


Some authors write in a way that make you want to continue reading a book even when you need to stop and do something important, and that describes Bob Goff. In Love Does, Goff does a great job of telling short stories in each chapter that keep the reader engaged and giving their mind something new to chew on every few pages.

I find it refreshing to read about Goff’s adventures in the book, and Chapter 21 is one of many examples. Bob’s wife had his hearing tested early in their marriage because she thought he had hearing issues, but as it turned out Bob was just selectively listening to his wife! While some may not find that funny, Bob does a good job of comparing his selective hearing with his spouse and selectively listening to God. At times I think most people selectively listen to God and this chapter encouraged me to think through that part of my life.

The stories in his book, like the one listed above, do a great job of making readers laugh and question how they relate to Goff. If you’re one who likes a good read and also likes being challenged to think about your faith with God, then Love Does is a good read for you.


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