Review: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth


Personal growth is important in one’s life to achieve the currently unachievable, unreachable, or unattainable. While it may not be possible to grow yourself in every possible way, it is important to have a growth mindset to focus on growing where possible to increase your performance in life.

John Maxwell’s book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth is a great read to challenge one wishing to grow themselves. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite Laws of Growth from the book.

  • Law of Intentionality – I find it fascinating how many people expect to make changes without being intentional about it. Whether you want to change your diet, work habits, or how you go about life you should be intentional about changing the way you think and operate to cause the change to happen and stick.
  • Law of Pain – Pain isn’t always a bad thing. Yes, breaking your arm hurts because it isn’t natural and you should get that fixed, but when it comes to growing you may feel pain as well. You might feel the pain of hunger when starting a diet, the pain of friction in relationships as you change what you accept in life, or pain from your legs as your exercise more. Many changes can cause mental or physical pain that can either keep you stuck or be seen as a natural barrier to break down as you grow.
  • Law of Curiosity – I’ve seen too many professionals become good at their jobs and then they stop being curious. While it’s good to ‘arrive’ in your career and be good at it, it’s always important to remain curious. You never know what changes in your field may do to your chosen role. If you stay where you’re at instead of staying curious and learning new skills you may end up having to go job searching.
  • Law of Modeling – You can only go so far by yourself. Having a mentor or ‘model’ is important when one wants to grow. Why recreate the wheel when you are striving to grow in your job? Find an example of someone who has done what you are trying to accomplish and model that person’s growth yourself!

After reading this book I believe the reader will walk away with a list of items to chew on that will feed into their future growth. While a lot of Maxwell’s books are aimed at the working professional, anyone can use the Laws listed in this book for personal growth as well.


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