Sharing Your Ambition

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I get a lot of inspiration in life by reading, listening to podcasts, and conversing with others. Knowledge attainment and application really matter to me. So, as happens often, I was inspired by a recent podcast by Bob Goff, “Dream Big – Always Have a Few Dreams Cooking“.

Goff has become an inspiration to me recently as I’ve read his books Love Does and Everyone Always. Bob has such a way of encouraging and motivating people to do something good for others and strive for your passion.

On the podcast episode above I was introduced to the Dream Big podcast and their mission of getting people to pursue and share their ambitions. By the end of the episode I was excited as I was thinking through my recent ambitions and how I could share them with others.

One of my ambitions is to build into others and see them grow, so one of the first things I wanted to do was write this blog post about ambition to hopefully encourage others!

So what is YOUR ambition? When was the last time you thought about it intentionally and let it engulf your mind?

Next, what SCARES you about your ambition? Will people make fun of you for it if they found it? Will it stretch your skillset to make it happen?

Lastly, who CAN you tell about your ambition? Not everyone should post their ambition online for many reasons. But who CAN you share your ambition with that will listen, encourage you, and give you ideas on how to get there?

While it can be intimidating to share your ambitions with others, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do it today! You never know how being intentional about chasing your ambition can lead to things you never dreamed of.


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