Thankful For All The Things


I don’t have the words for a normal blog post
So I present a poem, thankful for the Holy Ghost
This year has been different, not the same
Seems like past years have just been a game

I’m thankful for my faith, growing everyday
Without troubles my walk would be delayed
I love the Lord with all my heart and soul
Everyday he leads me on where to go

I’m thankful for my health coming back to me
Helping me relax and set my anxiety free
It’s been a struggle to be patient and heal
I know many people know how I feel

I’m thankful for love, coming from everyone
From my wife, daughters, dog, and son
Also, all the love from other family and friends
Helps me to continue on as my path bends

I’m thankful for my job that provides for my needs
They support me while I heal and my body feeds
Living on salad and prescriptions slims me down
I’ve got Jesus on my side so I won’t frown

I’m thankful for all the above and more
I know God has more for me in store
I’m ready to continue down the road
Helping others carry their heavy load


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