Where Do You Think Best?


Some background on this post, I was on Medium reading articles about becoming a better writer ( I’m trying to get better, ok?) and an article about Where to Think Big Like a CEO popped up. I’m always striving to get better with strategic thinking, and part of me still misses building businesses (I’m sure I’ll have another startup someday) so I read the article.

The article was pretty cool as it shows some top CEO’s and where they think best for big/new ideas. A couple of the CEO’s though mentioned it’s not always a place that helps them think big, but a time. I know from personal expereince thinking up a big idea at 4 AM isn’t all that strange to startup owners who struggle sleeping.

After I read the part of the article discussing having big ideas during a time and not necessarily a place it got me thinking to where/when I think big best. As I thought through places that I feel inspired and times of the day that work best for my big thinking I realized it’s neither of those things, it’s a cultural attitude that helps me think big.

I started a new position around the end of September and was excited to expand my creativity and ability to think bigger in this role. While I’m doing just, that I’ve noticed I’m not very happy. After reading the Medium article above it hit me like turning on a light bulb, I’m not happy because I can’t do the things that help me think big. So how do I think big? I discuss the pros/cons of decisions with people, get ideas from others through discussion, and read between the lines of stakeholders and customers. I’ve had a hard time lately because the important people don’t have a lot of time for me in my new role. We’ve been missing a level of vital leadership (open positions) and everyone has been picking up the slack. This has made it very hard to get answers, let alone actually have meaningful and deep conversations that I’m use to that enables me to think big.

We’ve filled some of the leadership positions we were missing, and I’m hopefully as we continue to fill these roles and solidify our teams I’ll be able to spend the time I want/need to think big without feeling like I have to pull teeth. So for me, thinking big requires time with people to have actual dialogue, not just get directives and assume I know vital context and proprietary thoughts in people’s head they didn’t share.

What about you Mr. or Mrs. reader? What place, time, or thing helps you think big?


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