Who Needs Business Enhancement?


In the last two and a half years I’ve changed a lot. I used to own an IT Helpdesk/Management company that focused on being an outsourced IT department for small to medium size companies.

Since I’ve sold that company I’ve been working in corporate technology, gaining a deeper understanding of process automation and driving efficiencies on a big scale.

With it being my wife’s turn to run her own salon business I’m now able to help her learn the business side of things better. As I do this I laugh at how much easier things feel having been a business owner myself already, and all the corporate expereince I’ve gather the last few years.

This leads me to my question: Who out there is running a business and is feeling lost? Lack of new lead? Lack of employee engagement? Lack of forward movement?

I’m not billing myself as a “business coach” who you’d engage for accountability and change in thinking of running your business. I’m looking for businesses that lack processes, need discipline, want a fresh set of eyes on things, or desire efficiencies in their operations.

So who do you know that wants to #PushForward in 2018 and #ObtainBetterResults ?


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