Why Isn’t My News Coverage Ready?


I woke up on a cold morning, turned on the heat for the first time this season, and turned on the tv while I was working online. I was flipping through channels to watch, and got the idea I get maybe 3–4 times a year, that I would give one of the big news channels a chance this morning.

I could only muster about 2 minutes of “coverage” before I had to change the channel to something else.

I’m truly curious how many people can actually stomach the news these days. Regardless of the channel, it always seems to be exaggerated, baseless “facts”, spun for certain causes, etc. Of course with the election in full swing these trends are even more prevalent.

I thank God that I was blessed to run my own company full time for 3 years. It had its ups and downs, but I learned many, many things. One of the most important things I feel I learned was to follow the money. Follow the money to see when potential clients might care or not care about using our services. Follow the money to see how companies are incentivized to act. Follow the money to see how the news media is sponsored to act or not act.

It used to shock me that the news media could be influenced by companies buying ad time or ad posts to not report on certain news worthy items, or worse get the news media to actually elect to cover events just because a company that was a sponsor had spent money with them. Have you also noticed that some companies are never covered in a negative light by certain news media companies? Is that because they are viewed as a “good company” by that news media company, or are they an advertiser with them who gets special treatment?

It’s clear to me that whatever side of the fence you’re on: democrat party, republican party, tea party, communist part, socialist party, binge drinker party, not part of a party, etc, the news media is not working for you, the viewer. It’s funny how the news media makes people think they are in business to keep their viewers/readers in the know and educated. That’s such a noble purpose, one that you’d feel non-profit’s are in the business of supporting. So why then are almost all news media companies for-profit companies?

Again let me ask, if you’re a news media company and your goal is to educate viewers/readers and report news worthy items, why are they for-profit companies? The news media companies are inherently compromised because they rely on selling ad spots/ad space to advertisers to make money. This means they may not report certain news items so as not to piss off certain advertisers that spend lots of money with them. They may try to appear to do their job exposing greed and corruptness, but take it easy or shield some companies from being attacked. Is that because they truly care about reporting fairly, or because they need to protect their advertisers from bad press so they can keep making money, to keep paying the ad bills?

We the People deserve much better coverage than this. Why is it that individual bloggers can provide better reporting than most news media on “touchy” subjects? Is it because they are better than the news media? The news media have the most resources to report on WHATEVER they want. The problem is they choose to report on what makes them money.

In 2016 it feels that we have started reaching the end of the line for traditional news media. I truly hope to see more non-profit news media start to appear that are more focused on a mission of educating the public, not lining their owners and stock holders pockets with profits. I truly hope more millennials who are tired of the lack of true investigative reporting start the trend of turning around our news media for the better.

Who’s out there that instead of trying to make the net Facebook for a billion dollars wants to make a non-profit focused on making a true difference of educating the masses with truth, without being comprised by advertisers constraints? Is it possible? Is it desirable? Do we deserve it?


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