Writing Inspiration


In the past I’ve been hesitant to write blog posts, as I thought people would roll their eyes, give mean feedback, or not care what I had to say. While all the above still apply, I’ve changed my stance on writing posts. No longer should I care about the negative outcomes, but focus on the positives:

  • Who might benefit from my posts?
  • What discussions can be started by my ideas?
  • How can I push for positive change by writing?

The final straw of my encouragement to write more was the conviction that hit me yesterday while reading the Bible. The Bible is God’s word, but he didn’t write any of it. Normal human-beings wrote the Bible detailing what they experienced Jesus do, documenting facts, or sharing prophecies under God’s direction.

If God trusted human beings to write His Word in the Bible, then by all means I can trust myself to write posts to encourage, nudge, and educate others. Here’s to a great year!


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